Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Step by step digital caricature of Jim Belushi

I've had some requests to see my drawing process with digital drawings. So here is a step by step caricature cartoon of Jim belushi drawn on a Wacom Cintiq21ux art tablet using sketchbook pro.

First up the preliminary sketch.

I now open another layer on top of the initial sketch and start the digital inking process.
I remove the layer holding the initial sketch and add more depth to the lines.
Now I add another layer underneath the drawing and start to add colour.
Using a series of layers I add shading and highlights to the face and hair.
adding yet another layer underneath the drawing I draw a simple neck and shirt.
I combine all layers created so far and add another layer to create a background..
I add another layer between the drawing and the background and draw a white line around the caricature to add some ... cartooning effects, sign it and voila, the finished drawing. Total time 15 minutes.