Thursday, October 6, 2016

Benefits of using Caricatoons at your trade show booth

Digital Caricatures at Trade Shows

Are you planning to have a booth at a trade show in the near future but are struggling with how to increase engagement to bring people to your booth.

Consider using digital caricatures to draw (no pun intended) people to your booth. People will line up for their free caricatoons once they see the quality artwork that is being created in 6-7 minutes. Once those people are in line, you can use this as your chance to engage with these potential clients/customers and get your message across and isn't that the main reason you are at a Trade Show?

Each drawing is displayed on a large flat screen and this display can be seen from the trade show floor. Curiosity brings them in, the technology used intrigues them and the quality artwork keeps them around and your representatives are there to answer any questions they may have.

The following is a testimonial from a client that hired me to draw.

“Caricatures at a Health and Safety conference? Why not! We never expected to have such an amazing turnout at our booth and it was all thanks to Daryl’s incredible talent and charm. Seeing as we are a company in Ontario, we took a chance on this Artist from British Columbia and coordinated with him from across the country. He was both helpful and professional from start to finish!

It was suggested to us that we try the digital caricatures which were new to us, but we could not be more thrilled with the end results! It was absolutely captivating to watch the display screen as Daryl sketched the faces and added colour and custom backgrounds. Moreover, it was incredible to see the amount of detail that was included in just 6-7 minutes per person. We received and continue to receive many compliments from the attending delegates and exhibiters. Overall, our experience at the conference was a huge success. It was a pleasure to share our double wide booth and to watch a true artist in action. We would highly recommend Daryl’s services for any corporate event or party!!” 

~ Breanne Hunter, Grand River OH&S

Templates with your Company's Logo and/or Call to Action will appear on each drawing.

Custom background(s) can be created for each event such as this one below.

Here are more examples of drawings created while at trade shows. It works, believe me! I dare you to find another way to bring people to your booth at the same cost Caricatoons charges. If you have anymore questions you can visit and click on "live events". I would love to hear from you.